Protect yourself from Toxic Cleaning Chemicals

If the bottle reads "use in a well-ventilated area" you know it's full of harmful chemicals.

The fragrance in your cleaning product is typically added to cover up the chemical smell.  

As you clean, if your skin is directly exposed to the products, it absorbs the chemicals in the cleaners you use. Your skin is especially vulnerable to irritations or even burns if the cleaners contain chlorine or bleach. If you notice a rash, itching or red bumps this could be a reaction from your body letting you know the chemicals in your cleaners are irritants.

A helpful website we use that researches many popular household or personal products and indicates how clean or toxic that product is for you is

We encourage you to visit and check out some of your favorite products.

Stop Cleaning with Harmful Chemicals 

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with sustainable, toxic-free and organic products. 

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