Not So Pretty | 4 Episodes on HBO MAX (2022)

This mini series dives into the ugly side of the the beauty industry, exposing the hidden dangers in makeup, nails, skin and hair products and presents several studies including the one which examines the presence of talc in children's makeup. 

Narrated by Keke Palmer, the description says this is "the first-ever comprehensive large-scale investigative expose of the trillion-dollar cosmetics, beauty and personal care industry".

The Business of Birth Control | Netflix (2021)

About 12 million women have used 'the pill' and about 80% of American women will use it at some point during their reproductive years.  Women have been sold the dangerous idea that disrupting their hormones with 'The Pill' won't have any long term health effects.

Some birth control pills have even caused women to think suicidal thoughts. The pill has serious side effects and women are suffering from severe mood swings, less bone density, weight gain, painful sex and low libido.  Five women in Puerto Rico died while on the pill during the drug trial but the drug companies said that had nothing to do with the pill and they down-played the bad news. 

Toxic Beauty | Amazon Prime (2019)

This documentary by Canadian Phyllis Ellis does an outstanding job of showing the frightening lack of regulation of personal products people use everyday, especially women.  These products are unleased onto an unsuspecting marketplace with untested or barely tested additives that are potentially harmful with carcinogenic compounds they place all over their faces, hair and skin. 
It also reviews the research behind the toxic chemicals that interfere with the body's natural hormones, namely parabens (a class of preservatives) and phthalates (plasticizers commonly found in fragrances) while it follows the personal lives of women who are fighting for justice.

Toxic Beauty might be a documentary about the unseen killers lurking personal products, but it also can be viewed a hopeful message for change.

The Devil We Know | Netflix (2018)  Watch the trailer here.

This documentary by Stephanie Soechtig investigates the health hazards from teflon and reveals the biggest environmental scandal of our time. It shows how 3M and DuPont have made billions by exposing us to toxic chemicals

Citizens of West Virginia take on DuPont after they discover it has knowingly been dumping a toxic chemical, GenX, into the Cape Fear River which over 200,000 people depend on for drinking water.

The Story of Bottled Water | Amazon Prime (2012)

Do you know how to turn ordinary water into a billion-dollar business? In Switzerland there's a company which has developed the art to perfections - Nestle'. This company dominates the global business in bottled water. Swiss journalist Res Gehringer has investigated this money-making phenomena. Nestle' refused to cooperate on the pretext that it was "the wrong film at the wrong time".
So Gehringer went on a journey of exploration, researching the story in the USA, Nigeria and Pakistan. His journey into the world of bottled water reveals the schemes and strategies of the most powerful food and beverage company on our planet.

We help people live as close to nature as possible 
with sustainable, toxic-free and organic products. 

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We help people live as close to nature as possible
with sustainable, toxic-free and organic products

Green living made simple