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without Harmful Chemicals

When did living well get so complicated? We give you simple suggestions for how to reduce the toxins and live more healthy and green.

Learn about what's lurking in your cleaning products and why it's important to keep the toxins out of your home.

Once you've decided to start removing toxins, the question is where to begin? Grab the checklist and get started.

New to oils? Don't be fooled by marketing or snappy packages. Not all oils are created equal and we'll help you learn how to tell the difference.

Free Home Detox 5 Day Email Course
5 Day Challenge

How do you know if you need a home detox?  Answer the following questions to find out.

  • Do you use air fresheners, scented candles or other synthetic fragrances to make your home smell good?

  • Do you need to protect your children from all of the cleaning products under your sink? 

  • Is your medicine cabinet filled with products you wish you didn't need?

  • Does your laundry room have products that contain harmful ingredients that cause respiratory problems and disrupt hormones?

  • Are you still using non-stick cookware, microwaves and plastic food containers?
Join the challenge and reduce the impact of chemicals in your home.
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We're the Green Living Sisters, Catherine and Elizabeth.

We help families move away from using harsh chemicals in their home by sharing helpful ways to live more green. 

Let us help you navigate the process of creating a toxin-free home. 

We'll expose companies who greenwash their products so you won't be fooled into bringing toxic chemicals into your home.

We've been students of green living for over 20 years and have been ditching the chemicals for plant-based products all along.  We've learned so much and we're here to share our knowledge with you.