What are the Reasons People Can't Sleep

There are so many causes of sleeplessness, like stress, depression, aging, anxiety, too much stimulation before bedtime, jet lag or a health condition.  Insomnia is unique to each person and the reasons for their inability to fall asleep or stay asleep are to be explored with a sleep professional. 

One of the first things I talk with my clients about is creating a consistent sleep schedule.  Especially getting up at the same time every morning is one of the most important steps to creating a perfect night's sleep.  

Keith and Sheila from the Our Healthy Home Radio Show talk with Catherine about sleep issues.

Tune in to hear some other helpful tips about how to sleep through the night.

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Catherine and Elizabeth have been helping people detox their homes and choose to live green for over ten years. We say detoxification is a process, not a destination. New chemicals are constantly being introduced to the market and keeping them out of our homes is something we all must be very diligent about.


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