Are You Getting All the Chemicals Off Your Produce?

Please stop using plain water or just vinegar to wash your fruits and veggies!

Most fruit and veggies look edible right off the shelf, but what you don't see is the cocktail of pesticides, fungus or microorganisms coating them.

Rinsing with water or using vinegar is just NOT enough to get these chemicals off your food.🥬
There is a non-toxic product that does get the chemicals off and doesn't leave a nasty residue.

Thieves Fruit & Veggie Soak disintegrates germs, dirt and toxic chemicals with plant-based ingredients.

Just a 1/2 capful in a large bowl of filtered water will clean up your food in ways you would never imagine.

Try it and you'll be always amazed to see the leftover grime in the bottom of the bowl after you clean your produce. Even though you buy organic, there will still be some grime.

Would you like to try it?
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Catherine and Elizabeth have been helping people detox their homes and choose to live green for over ten years. We say detoxification is a process, not a destination. New chemicals are constantly being introduced to the market and keeping them out of our homes is something we all must be very diligent about.